These are usually short circular walks, the photos are all in order of the route left to right (although they may not have been taken on the day of the walk). If you click on a photo you will be taken to a larger image on my flickr page, where you can also click on, map, on the left of the page to find the location.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Walk, Nene Valley Railway

Dot and I decided to pass the time with a walk and we though I would be good to follow the path of the Nene Valley Railway.

We turned right left out of the campsite and headed towards the Ferry Meadows Train Station. At the level crossing we turned right and followed the path that runs alongside the line. It is rather a long straight path and for the first part the campsite is on the right. Just after a road bridge over the railway, the path veers away from the line for a short stretch but if you keep left you soon get back to it.


Next the footpath crosses over to the other side of the line at a small level crossing and then we crossed over the river Nean via a footbridge attached to the rail bridge

Railway over the river Nene

We continued on this side to the next road bridge and the about half a mile further but then turned back as we had gone far enough for today and we had to meet Ralph for a lift to the party.

We went back the way we came but when we got back to the part of the path veers away from the line, we followed the road that led to the Lakeside Cafe, as we were walking Ralph phoned and agreed to meet us there. We all had a beer there before setting off to see Amber.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Walk, Cotherstone Village, Teessdale

Walk, Cotherstone, Approximately 3.0 mile or 4.8 kilometres

Dot and I had already done part of this walk before but today's was much longer. We had our picnic and waterproofs, so off we went.

We set off out of the side gate and down the steep dirt path from the site in the direction of the village, not a good path but safer than the road. We walked alongside the river Balder, passed the remains the old watermill and then, crossed over the field to the road.

Across the field at the road, we crossed the river and then over to the left of the the road to the public right of way.

Cotherstone Bridge

We then turned left along the public right of way just over the bridge and headed towards the river Tees, this path is fairly slippery but not too bad, until it veers away from the river, around a house.

Pipe Bridge

This part of the path was nearly impassable with beep mud the first time we did this walk but we managed to get through (this has now been resurfaced but beware), the rest of the way down to the confluence with the river Tees, is along a narrow road set back from the river Balder.

At the confluence where there are footbridges over both rivers, we crossed over the Balder via a footbridge, then the other footbridge over the Tees.

Footbridge over the Tees

We then headed east along the river banks, where the girls played in the river for a while.  They had hoped to play on the rope swing that they had played on last time they were there, but the rope had gone.

Then we crossed back over the two bridges, for our picnic lunch, on a nice seat overlooking the confluence ot two rivers.  The girls also played in the river again under the bridge over the Balder

After lunch we set off up the hill behind the seat (you can see it in the photo above), Dot and I had walked this way before. It is steep but not too long and you get a very good view along the Tees from the top.

At the top we came to a road and some houses but instead of walking back into town along the road we followed the public footpath across the field. All was well until we came to a dip that was full of mud, we had to climb along the fence to get passed.

The path comes out on t he main road, where we turned left and headed for the green.   From there we walked along the Bowes road towards the village hall (I was heading for the old railway line).   Anyway we came to a path on the left that led to a playground, there was no getting out of spending an hour there.  Good job I was carrying a book with me.

We came back out from the park the way we went in and took the path opposite which led to the Tees Railway Path, which in turn leads back passed the campsite.

There is an easier way to the walk by just continuing along the Bowes road until is crosses the path of the old railway though.

The path is level and easy to walk and stayed on the railway path until just after the fantastic viaduct over the river Balder.

Just over the river another public footpath crossed Tees Valley Railway Path and a turn to the right took us back to the campsite, the way we had walked on the previous day.

Walk, River Nene, Cambridgeshire

Walk, River Nene (Ferry Meadows), Cambridgeshire, Approximately 2.7 mile or 4.4 kilometres.

Dot and I made a Picnic and sett off for a walk around the lakes in the Ferry Meadows Country Park. The weather was slightly warmer than the previous day and the sun was shining.

We turned right out of the campsite (left if you are on the main site) and walked into Ferry Meadows Country Park. At the visitor centre we turned right and followed the path round the lake. When we came to a fork in the path just before a bridge, we took the path to the left over the bridge (we would take the right hand path at a later date). There is a board with map of all the walks here, so I took a photo of it for future reference.

Ham Bridge

Over the bridge you can either turn right and walk around the lake, or turn right towards the river, we had done the lake before, so we turn right for the river (from the map we knew there was a walk by the river). We crossed over the river Nene via Bluebell Bridge and tuned left to follow the river.

Bluebell Bridge

Parts of the walk is along a boardwalk.

We had a very pleasant walk along the river bank, you would think you are in the middle of nowhere but if you take one of the sets of steps up the hill from the river, you are in the middle of sports complex. We did that just to see what was there.

River Nene

We eventually came to Milton Ferry Bridge, an old toll bridge over the river Nene, we crossed back over the river and thought it would be a very good place for our picnic. The only trouble was there was nowhere to sit and the grass was damp so we had to move on.

Milton Ferry Bridge (1716)

We went stright on off the bridge away from the river, this path led to the Gunwade Lake and we could see Lakeside Cafe and the Watersports Centre on the other side. We turned left and followed the path around the lake, to the first right turn, onto the path leading to the Pontoon Bridge.

Pontoon Bridge

Here we eventually found somewhere to sit, picnic tables.  I was very hungry by now and it was a little bit windy where we sat but it was the only place to sit.

Picnic 2010

From the we walked back over the Pontoon Bridge turned right and followed the lake side path back over the first bridge we crossed. We then headed back along lake side path to the campsite, to meet Amber from school.

Swings 2010

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Walk, Tharon-Plage, France

 Walk, Tharon-Plage from Les Pierres Couchees, France, Approximately 6.7 mile or 10.8 kilometres.

We headed left out of the campsite and down to the beach and set off in a southerly direction. We started the walk along the edge of the woodland on the opposite side of the nature reserve to the beach but eventually we took one of the paths through to the shore.

We stuck to the beach and walked along the long golden sand towards a line of PĂȘche au carrelet fishing towers.

We could not decide what the tide was was doing, so just before the rocky out crop we walked up some wooden steps to take a short detour through Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef an urban area before we could get back down to the sea.  At the top of the steps is a walk along the sand dunes that leads to Route de la SourceRoute.

Out for a Walk

At the end of the road through the houses, is a promenade and as the tide was still too high for a continuous walk on the beach, we continued along the promenade. We did eventually come down from the promenade to a small marina at Tharon-Plage, where we had a walk along and a sit on the pier there (and a cold beer that just happened to be in my bag).

After a rest (and using the toilets at the marina) we continue along the promenade, quite a long way, passed hotels and bars, all very quiet at this time of year.  When the got to Avenue Ernest Chevrier, that we assumed must be the centre, we headed inland into the town, to find a cash machine (ATM) and after that sat outside a bar for a couple of refreshing Grimbergans.

Then it was back to the seafront for a sit in the sun, admiring the views and had another beer from our bag. Sat there we noticed people going up and down the steps to the beach, carrying bottles of all shapes and sizes, glass or plastic. So when they have all gone we have have to go and investigate, at the bottom of the steps is a row of water outlets into a blue tilled trough, it looked like it was for washing sand from your feet, except there was a notice telling you not to. So the locals had been filling up with fresh water here, Dot had a drink but not me.

Drinking Water

Many, many, of the fishing contraptions on the shoreline along the way, I did lots of photos of them last year, so I tried to resist this year but it is so hard, as they look so good.

Mick, France 2010

The tide was now down, so we walked all the way back along the beach, we passed a group of school children learning how to use sail buggies, it looked like fun and a lot more than we ever did at school. A year later we passed another group of school children and they were learning how to sail.

The tide was now out, so we walked all the way back along the beach, I do not know why but it seems to be quicker walking that way.